Valentine’s Day Gushes Full of Sweet Traditions

The Valentine's Day we know is full of chocolates, roses and hearts everywhere. However, it wasn't always this way. Valentine’s Day dates back to the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, which was originally celebrated on February 15th. This festival symbolized purity and fertility for the city. The Romans dedicated this day to the god Lupercus. For 800 years, women would put their names in an urn and a young man would draw the name of a woman from the lottery. The men would then keep their woman as a sexual companion for the rest of the year...You read that right, an entire year!

The festival name was eventually changed to the feast of Valentine. For Roman men, the day continued to be an occasion to seek the affections of women and it became a tradition to give out handwritten messages of admiration that became Valentine’s cards. Their iconic symbol of romantic love was Cupid "The God of love, attraction, and affection." Cupid is usually shown with an arrow. When someone is hit by his arrow of love, they will magically fall head over heals for the next person they meet.


America’s chocolate pioneer Milton Hershey created the first Hershey bar


The Hershey Kiss was born. Hershey created the tear-dropped shape kisses because of the smooching noise the chocolate made as it was manufactured. 


In an episode of I Love Lucy, Lucy and her side-kick Ethel tried working in a candy factory where they are totally inept at wrapping chocolates. The hilarious skit has them stuffing chocolates in their mouths, blouses, and hats.


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