Mom’s Kitchen Sprinkles Magic and Love this Mother's Day

As a mom of two amazing young adults, I have to tell you that I have always loved being a mom. Cute cuddles on the couch, having ice cream over waffles for breakfast, and kissing their skinned knees...As they have gotten older, our weekends were spent at hockey rinks, deciding colleges and watching them grow into their adult lives. I love every moment when our crazy schedules create time for us to spend together.

Toffee Break’s decadent traditional toffee smells were born right in our kitchen in 1998. Taylor and Bryan were my first official taste testers. They even stood on step stools to reach the counter helping me stir the toffee. Our kitchen was busy and our living room housed the orders ready to ship. We didn't have food in our refrigerator like a normal it was of course filled with toffee! The excitement and popularity over teacher’s gifts actually helped me launch my passion for toffee from a hobby into a full time business. My sister Shari and I built our commercial kitchen in Northbrook, IL in 2004.

My mom is my number one fan.
I love her...And she loves, loves, loves our raspberry toffee!

Mother's Day - Toffee Break Desserts

Polka Dot Mini Satchel: 3 oz. Traditional Toffee $6.95 OR 2 Grand Tortoises $8.95

Share some smiles with your mom this Mother’s Day with a cute purse filled with delicious treats from Toffee Break Desserts. Spend quality time catching up over Signature Toffee or Grand Tortoises! Are you celebrating a long distance Mother’s Day? Our shipping options make it easy to send your mother some love. When ordering a gift for mom, remember a gift for yourself! Moms are the people who know us the best and love us the most.

Happy Mother’s Day!